Today we have some sad news that Edinburgh Premier Laundry LTD has had to close.




As a family-run business since the beginning, we have strived at all time to continue to learn and evolve, this current crisis, whilst proving incredibly challenging is no different.

As COVID-19 took hold in February/March 2020, this had a very detrimental effect on the business in terms of turnover and profit. 

COVID-19 hit us at a hard time, as we were just coming out of the quieter winter months, looking forward to Easter, summer trading and Edinburgh Festival. 



While we support the governments position on keeping everyone safe, we have haemorrhaged a serious amount of money leaving us in a very weak position.

We still had essential fixed operating costs, insurance, rent, utilities - with very high monthly outgoing costs and no income coming in - the current situation was unsustainable.



Due to the uncertainty of the future of hospitality, lack of guidance from the Government and ongoing restrictions, there was no realistic prospect of us returning to any kind of normality in the foreseeable future.



Our family has been privileged to work with you and it has been a great adventure and we have met many friends and learned so much over the years.

It has been a very difficult decision for our family would like to thank our loyal customers, brilliant suppliers and lovely staff.

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