We at EPL want to take this personal opportunity to write to you in support of the fear and confusion that surrounds the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. I can imagine that you are facing unknown challenges in your individual businesses and that, like me, you are doing your utmost to continue to operate on a normal footing where possible.

The speed with which change is occurring is unnerving and, as I write this, I myself fully appreciate that by the time you read this our own Government may have issued new guidance that will directly affect our efforts. However, I wish to write to you all personally and illustrate the plans we have put in place to ensure we can continue to service and support your businesses throughout this period once the lockdown is lifted.

  • We have instigated a disinfection process for our physical location which includes continual cleansing.

  • We are keeping the premises as a safe zone and therefore access is limited and only for quick drop off/pickup.

  • We are enforcing the highest standards of personal hygiene, ensuring that we follow or exceed the minimum standards as advised by WHO, Government and the NHS. Masks will be worn by employees to ensure your safety.

  • We have clearly defined areas for incoming (dirty), Pre-processing, washing, ironing and storage. This will ensure there is no cross contamination.

  • We have augmented our OZONE disinfection to ensure that all biologicals and virus's are killed during the wash cycle.

  • All bags are washed and sanitised after each and every use.

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We wash all laundry using just the amount of detergent, de-stainer and softener that is needed.

Our washing machines weigh each load and also check the water absorption so that it can automatically calculate the best cycle to use.

During the wash and rinse cycles ozone is added which kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and spores.

With the 4 stage rinse cycle you can be sure than no residue remains to agrivate any allergies.

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