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All About OTEX at Edinburgh Premier Laundry


What is OTEX?

Picture in your mind the last time there was a thunder and lightning storm, now remember the clean fresh smell just after it finished. That is Ozone.

So why is this good for laundry?

Ozone (OTEX) kills all known biologicals including MRSA and C-DIFF. Normal disinfection kills 99% of germs but that does not include those that are the most harmful to humans. Tests show that MRSA cannot be detected after 2 minutes in an Ozone wash.

ECO friendly

As well as being the best disinfection agent it is extremely ECO friendly because it breaks down quickly in waste water and returns to oxygen O2.

Techy bit

Oxygen is concentrated and then zapped with electricity just like lightning. This breaks down O2 into O molecules and then these recombine to become O3 which is ozone. This is then added to the wash several times.

Extra benefits

As well as disinfecting the laundry ozone also rearranges linen fibres back to being lined up prolonging life and making them Linen much softer without fabric softeners.

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