Case Studies

Holiday Let Management Company (16 apartments)

Issues and solutions

The client came to us after being exasperated with their existing laundry service company which is large and well known.

The were many problems that she had to face every day so we started by listing these.

  • Deliveries every Tuesday and Friday at times to suit the company

  • Having to keep stock in place for the busiest time plus spare

  • Sending back dirty items and receiving different amounts back making stock keeping impossible

  • Cleaners completing the flats and having to wait for the laundry

  • Unusable laundry that had to be returned to the storage areas and new laundry delivered, all wasting valuable time and money

  • An impossible task of ensuring that the bills were calculated correctly and being able to ensure that each property is being billed correctly

We spent many hours going over each problem and discussing options that the client was happy with.

  • All stock would be stored in our premises and made available at the start of each morning bagged and labelled for each premise that was to be cleaned

    • This saved both time and money as the stock premises where no longer required and the laundry was available just in time

  • Stock taking was to be done at each return of dirty items

    • This took the guesswork out of when the cleaners just put clean linen in cupboards

  • The cleaning company picked up the laundry they needed from the shop and delivered the dirty when they finished for the day

    • This helped with smooth running

  • The client retained some of her own cleaners and we built a schedule around the times they would be working and deliver while they were at the premises.

    • Free delivery at a flexible time was the most important aspect of this

  • Increased communications where vital for all this to work seamlessly and so we formed WHATSAP groups where we could all talk

    • It is really hard when communications are lacking and there was always issues on timings but since the new groups where formed this has been much better

  • Billing is now done with an individual invoice each time a bag of laundry is completed and once a month a statement is produced showing each property separately

    • By keeping bags separate and connected to the properties they came from we can break this down in a report which helps the accounting process

The client is much happier now as she spends her time running the business and keeping the owners happy. She can now look for new properties and expand her business safe in the knowledge that the processes are in place to take care of any extra demands. The client now returns home much earlier in the evening with a significant reduction to the stress levels

We pride ourselves on listening to each problem clients have and coming up with flexible solutions, after all each company is unique with different sets of stresses.

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